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Updated: Jan 28, 2021

If the last six months have taught me anything, it is to delight in moments.

Within our current, socially-distanced reality, moments mean much more than before

For all of us, whether we value and savor them, or not.


Biden's announcement today to make Senator Kamala Harris his running mate is one such moment.

To have a woman of color with both South Asian and Black heritage running to serve as our nation's Vice President, is no small cause for celebration.

There is so much daily to weigh us down into a feeling of hopeless impotence

But then, announcements such as this one remind us of the progress we could, again, achieve.


Women have cradled, molded, supported and sustained this nation since its founding.

Black women have done the same, while shouldering the monolithic burden of slavery,

South Asian women while enduring the stigma of prejudice in a country defined by the White patriarchy.


Harris brings the irrepressible hope which women always do

In spite of racist, sexist jabs and slights our sex has known, well, forever.

Her ascent to the race is not synonymous with her election

But none can dispute that this is a moment.


The fact that Harris hails from the Bay Area is just icing on our San Francisco feminists' cake.

Many would say that my appreciation stems from bald-faced partisan politics, as I write this from my adopted San Francisco home.

Believe that if you must, for no feeling or utterance escapes the "political" label in our current, murky muddle.


Our joy goes so far beyond politics, to embrace the history of every woman previously denied her rightful place in the running of our majority female planet.

The long fight for equality continues and feeds upon the hope of people of dignity and conscience.

Call my elation what you will, while I will simply wrap myself in its comfort.


Yes; today is a momentous day indeed.


Nannie Helen Burroughs (May 2, 1879 – May 20, 1961) was an African-American educator, orator, religious leader, civil rights activist, and feminist.

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