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An honest home

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

I can tell you

I fell for it so many times

It defies the act of my enumeration.

Can you be bulldozed and gaslighted

From a position of societal privilege

And exoticism framed by an international education?

Yes you can.

To whom much is given

Much is expected

Of ‘our sort’

That we be kind, lovely, dignified

Noble, and above the fray.

Above reality.

It would seem The Fray

Is Reality’s illegitimate daughter

Not to be received in our hallowed society

Of private clubs, Ivy and Junior Leagues.

Where the aberrant Sisters,

Intelligence, Insight and Independence

Are not welcome.

Sequestered in the glamorous lessening

Of our minds

And Our Perspective.

We did not see that our lessening

Was by implicit design

Sanctioned by our own enabling.

Pleasing men

And the status quo

Which is Seated at the right hand

Of our fathers, brothers, husbands

Remains our time-honored place

Unless we wish to be ALONE,

We must stay quiet

In our resolute, blindfolded complacency.

I know I often longed

To sincerely want the comfort

So many of my sisters revere.

Convincing myself,

I must seek the solace

And security of respectability

Coupled within the trappings of richness and ease.

It poisoned me

From within

Pushing out my character and history

My beliefs, my abilities, my confidence

To reason and give my voice

An honest home.

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