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If only we could embolden

All children to become giddy with their unique, incredible worth

Which persists beyond any ugly slight a bigot might blaspheme,

Surpasses all the simpletons

Who denigrate others to veil their own private, perversive fears,

And rises to join the diverse, collective beauty of humankind.

The current despotic cruelty on display, though intractably choking,

Is ageless in its cyclical resurgence.

Whether the rostrum hosts a ranting QAnon, McCarthy, Mobutu or Adolf,

Its toxic platform parades with the same soulless self-obsession

Which twists a bilious blowhard into sinister sophistry.

Our nefarious Now, is not new.

Mexico City, Mexico protests for human rights.

We cannot teach our children

That it is possible to become immune

To the familiar misfortunes inhabiting libraries of historical tomes.

The sleekest tool we fashion so painstakingly with them

Is their individual wherewithal to trust in themselves even amidst chaos

To be the most capable sentinels over their own formidable minds.

The giddiness of relief comes when we learn the potent agency inherent

In resolute determination to demand what is just for all.

Thus sound stewardship must steer successive generations

To reside in those imposing halls which glisten,

Not with gold or precious stone,

But with the abiding intelligence to respect one’s vulnerable, more tolerant self.

A tenacious communal concern for the powerless

Is the only balm which heals any giver’s existential wounds.

The indefatigable instinct which all children bring with them at birth

Is to seek connection with others, without hesitation.

That craving for hope is common to us all, regardless of nationhood, race, creed or sex.

A teachers' duty is to indelibly school the young in a resilient recipe which safeguards their hope for a world of reason.


Immigrants being served a welcome meal at Ellis Island after arriving in the USA.


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