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If you were Patrick Lyoya?

I have lived in many foreign countries

Which were not my native home.

I often experienced confusion

With local bureaucracies and protocols.

Somehow, my missteps

Never led to a single gunshot to my head.

Could it be because I was White?

Could it be because these foreign lands

Were more civilized

Than the country of my birth?


Hell, who will call it my good fortune?

My good fortune equates to inequity

To another soul who shares my biology

A guest in my country

Who should have been afforded the benefit

Of the doubt.

Innocent until proven guilty....

Of what?

Improper vehicle registration?

How many of us have expired tags

Or expired licenses excused by Covid 19?

But Patrick deserves to be shot in the head

By Grand Rapids' Finest, at point blank rage?

How many more times

Till the racists give their fears a name?

Our national history tells a litany

Of mistreatment of people of color

Which Knows no nadir, it would seem.

God help us to allow our truth to find us.

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