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Lacking in Intellect and Compassion

With every cavalier statement debunking the reality of the pandemic and its more than one hundred thirty thousand American victims dying terrified and alone, the rabid science deniers insult and compound the suffering of countless families and devestated individuals around our country. Our arrogant idiocy leaves other nations gobsmacked in their incredulity.

Our healthcare professionals wince at your willful disregard for public health data. What will future generations say of you; do you ever reflect upon that?

When did you become a nation of minions, blindly following the latest purveyor of snake oil and lies who has now beguiled the hapless, reptilian Republican party after departing his reality TV show?

I watch the continued obstinance and idiocy of my native region, as Southern leaders defy reason to bow obsequiously to Trump's bullying insanity, endangering their constituents in the process. Where is your courage, your compassion and your sanity?

Do your job, and tell people to treat our national situation as the health emergency that it clearly is.



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