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Mr. Trump Where Are You?

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

If ever there were an opportunity for you to change your historical legacy, the events unfolding on the streets of American cities over the past few days present that opportunity.

What we see is an empty space where a true leader should be.

I am not one of your base, but I want you to be a leader now because we need one.

You are not a person of empathy, but you care about how others speak about you and the level of respect they show you. This is a chance to actually gain respect from those who fear and distrust you.

You say that "MAGA loves African American people". If that is indeed the case, show it now.

Tell people of color in this country that you understand that they are in pain and fed up with a lack of accountability for the brutality they have endured for centuries in our nation.

You must give their oppression a voice.

Do the right thing here!

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