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Repress, Deny, Repeat

As a native Georgian, I feel compelled to call out the appalling insult laid bare by the defense for the three White men in Brunswick who hunted down and shot a young Black man like a deer.

The fact that his public statement is made with overt confidence, even disdain, reminds me of the pattern of behavior I have witnessed my entire life in the state in which I was born and raised.

The White attorney defies more African American preachers to sit in his courtroom. I believe he finds it 'uppity'.

If asked whether he is racist, I am certain this individual would unequivocally reply, "no". Unfortunately for him, his arrogant words belie any assertions he might make that he is unbiased or not a bigot.

This is the pattern that unrelentingly repeats in the Southern United States. Repress, Deny, Repeat. Undoubtedly, it happens elsewhere, but I can best bear witness for this place which generations of my family called home for more than 70 years.

From one White Southerner to another, it is time to stop this charade of righteous anger directed at the victims of unjust persecution for the color of their skin.

It is time for the South to grow up.

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