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Return of the Miscreant

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

Children are our constituents

But not through their own choosing

The connection we parents share with them

Is earned, but sustained only if both parent and child pledge to afford the bond

The respect so hard-won through a parent's willing sacrifice and unwavering devotion.

The solitary parent learns this

Much more starkly than her partnered peers

As our absolute, committed dedication becomes our lonely mantra

To shield you from the reality of the second parent who was not there, or caring.

We fill that void with more love and support to create a poultice for your open wound.

Yet all too often, the miscreant reappears

Much later, when the work of raising a child has long been lovingly completed

The pseudo emperor finds his clothes which he gaudily flaunts to eclipse your soul

Enticement to forget your integrity and don his brazen compulsion for purloined status.

You adopt and insinuate his pathological push to cut to the front of his dishonest queue

And thus, cruelly abandon the "you" those who love you thought we knew.

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