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Space for Substance

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

Photo by Gigi Bousquet Williamson

Is not truer reality found in focused flights of imagination,

Spawned while safely cocooned in spaces

Where one is free to follow musings

Upon the understanding to which we aspire?

Or is it only the drone of your picayune protests

Chasing us into our soulless daily routines

Which define the practical, sane, and successful,

While culling eccentrics not seeking the same?

Beyond our stolid gatekeeper named Survival,

What are we, if not the pursuits our minds employ?

Only in moments of braggard-free realness

Can minds retool to find their essential proclivities.

I do not trust your chiding of my reflections

As moot and unimpressive.

The fusion where all pasts and presents intertwine

Charts my ardently individual map of meaning.

Empathy equates to eager disclosures on the page

Of the latest sense I have sorted,

From surrendering myself into the space still left,

Between the petty and the sublime.

Author: Gigi Williamson

Co-edited by Halsey Williamson

Photo by Gigi Bousquet Williamson

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