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Thank you Governor Pritzker

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

You are of my generation, White and part of the establishment which enjoys the full fruits of democracy and capitalism

You have nothing to gain by openly taking the position you did earlier today, that Donald Trump represents the misogynistic, racist, bigoted portion of our American society. You stated the fact that those frightened and broken people are his base. If they were not, people who look like me (with the same amount of grey hair and crow's feet) would be openly speaking out in droves against his words of "domination" today.

American citizens are not looking to be dominated. We fought a Revolutionary War against the country which colonized the geography that is now the United States of America because we refused to be dominated by tyrants.

Please. White people of conscience speak out to support Governor Pritzker and the decency and reason his words represent. I have never met Mr. Pritzker and do not know if I would like him personally if I met. I do know, however, that in this crucible of a national moment he is speaking the truth. I thank him for that because as the anguished protestors know, truth is in short supply.

We need hundreds, no thousands of "Mr. Pritzkers". Men and women with the social power and platform to speak the essential truth which drives the protestors. They must do so today. The core of the protests is not the hostility of a few violent opportunists from both the "Right" and "Left" of our political spectrum. Those opportunists have no politics other than themselves. Destructive elements will always seek out opportunities to manipulate legitimate protest. It has always been so, during all of human history.

The protestors' core consists primarily of young people who risk rubber bullets to stand up for collective human rights.

Where is my generation? Men and women of privilege who have every comfort and advantage. Where are their voices right now?

Why are we willing to abandon our young people and their belief in right and wrong? Just as the Police Chief in Minneapolis stated this weekend:

To stand by silently and do nothing makes us complicit. Do we wish to be ruled by Mr. Trump's stated strategy of "domination" and fear, or by our higher aspirations, our intellect and our reason?

What can people of influence do? Beg Mr. Trump to resign for the good of our country, and to leave with some dignity because he will be thinking of the good of our citizens, rather than only of himself and his personal power.

He has lost the confidence of those who work next to him in The White House, and those in most corners of this nation.

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