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The Belly of the Beast

Updated: Jan 5, 2022

I grew up in the belly of the beast

Savannah, Georgia for me and mine was a wonderland

Of privilege and dishonorable gain

Wrought upon the backs of dehumanized slaves.

Today I watched the beast

Rise up and attack its own

In the form of a Senate building inhabited

Mostly by White Men and Women who serve their vileness..

Now the White Men

Are frightened because the beast

Has threatened them

In their halls of power.

Could it be that

Today for the first time

They smell the fear that

They and their ancestors used

To suffocate and subdue the enslaved?

Now they stand wizened

And contrite in their lies

Of earlier today which they

Spouted of a "rigged" election.

America please understand

That these liars do not care

For you or anyone

Other than their own power.

They beg to be allowed

Upon the altar of the Fat Red Man

Who lies to his constituents

As he laughs about their uncouth ignorance.

Take it from a Southerner

Who knows the soul of her birthplace

Which is an Eden of supernatural beauty

Inhabited by arbiters of cruelty and white supremacy.

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