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The Bostonian sentinel on a lonely rampart

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

Boston Public Library, Boston, MA

Massachusetts plays a pivotal part in my personal and family life. Clearly, the state also occupies a lofty position in the history of our nation. For me the state has always represented a fundamental belief in the crucial importance of education, science and excellence.

Republican Governor Charlie Baker reminded us all today just how important it is to speak out against wrongdoing.

I tire of those who suggest, openly or surreptitiously, that it is better to stay quiet in the face of our current national turmoil.

They say they do not like politics. This is not politics. This is our American integrity.

Those who would promote or blindly follow implicit repression of intelligent dialogue are diabolically counter-productive to freedom and self-determination for us, as individuals, and as a collective nation.

Personal boundaries are crucial to maintaining one's mental health, basic human rights, and self-esteem. Our nation must also have boundaries which citizens refuse to have breached.

Declarations by those who would seek to rally support for authoritarianism and despotism, not only insult our intelligence as Americans, they sully our history.

History, and future generations of Americans, will not look kindly upon the reticence of those who should speak for all of us against law-breaking.

Thank you Governor Baker for doing what is right and what is needed today. You state that for any American leader to suggest that she/he might plan to remain in office, after losing an election, is patently unacceptable and fundamentally wrong. America does not expect its leaders to seek to become dictators.

We learned that in elementary school in social studies class; refusal of such wrongs form the fundamental tenants of our democracy.

It still amazes me that so many, like sheep, choose to stay quiet in the face of fear-mongering and tyranny.

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