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The Eddy

The pool in the eddy is a quieter place

There is stillness there and it is sacred

Sacred to me and perhaps to others, but at least to me.

It preserves my healthy distance from danger and my eclipse

While the world is watching

They were watching, but no one reacted,

No one reacts now either

Because redemption is not for me?

Or is it?

Maybe if I play by my rules;

The rules make the playground achingly lonely and blinding

But then, I can put my hand over my eyes to dim the killer light.

I can keep it away.

Because even if It feels like a part of me,

It is not.

I do not want to destroy anyone just because I was made a target.

I am more grown up than the ones around me who claimed that title.

Is my voice now that of a grown up, or a little girl?

I can’t be one, without the other.


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