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The Dissembler

When did kindness banish you,

Your arrogance forcing us into obligatory esteem

Until your callous quips failed you

And only the frightened, bitter, you remains.

Your ego, an unctuous burlesque show

Where conditional affection holds sway.

Sentiment is your constant enemy,

Only disdainful postures suit your frame.

The charisma, passion, and grace

Your parents wore, never clothed you.

The spite you hid until they were gone

Now fuels your disparaging narrative.

Brainpower devoid of imagination,

Your signature bragging and persistent shame,

Form the hood to hide your awkwardness,

As you grumble that you were given short shrift.

You trapped me in your stern gaze

Paralyzing my little-girl hope for connection.

Today, I lifted perception's dusty shroud

Enough to peer into your hollow soul.

Never too late to see past your mirage

Distorting my view of the lies you nurtured..

Thank you for breaking me from my stupor,

Shaking me from fear and fruitless fealty.

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