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To the Georgia Lawmaker

I do not know your name, because I do not remember it

If I did remember, I think I still would not use it

Because to say it out loud gives attention to hate.

You embarrass every native Georgian with your intolerant delusion.

I grew up in Savannah, GA, attended Savannah Country Day School

Had a father who was a beloved eye surgeon

Whose patients came from all over the state of Georgia.

He, like his New England surgeon father before him, was a proud Republican.

I was raised with the values of the Republican party

Which was defined by legislators of character like John McCain

His policies were not always my policies then

And certainly are not now

But his honesty, integrity and courage, sets a high bar of honor.

But you, you with the gun, and the bad dye job, are not a politician.

Even that onerous term is too lofty for your type

What you do is not politics, it is barbarism.

You represent everything vile from my region of the country

The Deep South of Georgia

Which so many view as a pit of racism

Intolerance, Lynchings and Ignorance.

You prove them right every time you speak.

You are a reckless, narcissistic vigilante

Who mocks children who survive a senseless school shooting.

You are a woman, but you disgrace our gender

And defile every loving mother who has lost a child.

I do not know who hurt you to make you what you are

But go home. Be quiet

And try to grow a soul.


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